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Bathroom Vanities & Furnitures : FAQ

Q. What kind of wood is used in your vanities?

A. We mainly use Malaysian rubberwood, which is a solid hardwood that is perfect for humid environments such as bathrooms.

Q. The glass sinks and countertops are beautiful, but are they practical? We have small kids in our household and are afraid they may drop something that may cause the glass to shatter.
A. Our glass countertops and sinks are made with tempered safety glass, which is four to six times stronger than regular annealed glass. Tempered glass is thus very tough, and we haven't had any reports of our glass countertops and sinks breaking...ever. Due to the balanced stresses in the glass, even if heavy damage did occur, it would eventually result in the glass shattering into safe, thumbnail sized pieces.

Q. Is assembly required?
A. No, our bathroom vanities come pre-assembled. However, we do recommend you use a licensed plumber for installation.

Q. Why mint green as a standard in your glass countertops?
A. Glass has a naturally green tint to it, and we feel that the natural mint green look (created by painting the underside of the natural glass white) is one that complements our wood stains and creates a soothing, spa-like feel. Mint green glass works well with most tile and stone, and based on consumer feedback, it is the most popular color people chose. However, if you prefer something else, just let us know! Aside from different colors of glass, we can use a variety of granite, travertine, and quartz in our countertops.

Q. Who designs these products?
A. Most of the items you see on this site are created by professional designers on our staff. Flatteringly, there are companies that like to mimic our designs. However, nobody seems to have been able to mimic our quality!

Q. Can you customize sizes and styles for me?

A. Sure, but we require a minimum order of 5 vanities per custom style. We can make our items smaller & larger, and we can also change the stain. Furthermore, we can create custom vanities from scratch for you and our prices are extremely competitive. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with your request.

Q. Will my credit card information be secure?
A. Absolutely. Once your transaction has been completed, all electronic credit card records will be purged from our database.

Q. I am a store owner / builder / designer / architect. Do you have special trade or volume pricing?
A. Please contact our sales staff to discuss. You may be asked to fax certain documents such as a business license or Certificate of Incorporation in order to qualify.

Q. How long does shipping take?
A. We have several large warehouses where we strive to stock 100% of our inventory at all times. We typically ship within 48 hours of receiving an order, and transit time for freight takes between 3-7 business days.

Q. What if the products arrived damaged?
A. We are very experienced in shipping our products long distances. All items will be securely packaged and shipped by reputable carriers. In case you received a shipment that has obvious visible damage, please do not sign for it and contact us immediately. If you find concealed damage (i.e. the packaging looks fine but the contents are damaged), please contact us immediately. Our service doesn't end when we ship the product, we want to make sure it arrives in perfect condition and you are 100% satisfied.